Central Florida’s Fast Growing High Tech Wave Attracting Millennials

Central Florida’s Fast Growing High Tech Corridor Attracting Millennials Nationwide, Driving Local
According to most recent research by global estate consultant JLL, in all Central Florida interstate-four hallway, high tech companies chase of talent has touched off a sign of inbound millennial migration from across the America, that presents no signs of slowing soon.

JLL reports the I-4 Corridor work market is the tightest it has been in over a decade. Last year it was house to approximately 22,835 technology establishments hosting 265,304 technology works, with the average salary of $88,945, according to the Florida High Technology Corridor Council.

For firms seeking to attract and retain talent, or optimize business place technique, understanding the millennial appeal of the Corridor is key to planning the future. largely, it comes down to how job, lifestyle and community are being realize din Orlando, Space Coast and Tampa Bay.

JJLs research analysts Bejamin Landis tells the World Property Journal, the Corridor promises to offer an continue pipeline of top standard talent as its universities continue to pump out graduates and fresh residents continue to move to the area. This trend is catching the eyes of big workers looking to grow their operations in an increasingly tight work market, driving up demand for office area and attracting investments in new project.

Brevard Country, also called as Florida Space Coast is set for takeoff. The area is gearing up for a big resurgence in the space industry. As young experts flock here for high-paying STEM careers, they are also forting the consumer base that supports other amazing industries, the foremost of which is tourism.

Orlando urbanization is making opportunities
Adding more than 1,500 locals every week, the Orlando-Kissimmee-Sanford metropolitan statistical area is one of the quickest growing in the country. Millennials make up 29.8% of the city’s population, according to Esri deomographics, and a recent survey by homes.com ranked Orlando as the top city in the country.

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